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Heartwarming novel ‘Gilbert’s Gift’ tells the uplifting story of a living donor who gifts a lung to save a dying boy he doesn’t know

September 9, 2015


Inspired by real events, Gilbert’s Gift, the heartwarming new novel by Brian Will Oliver, tells the story of sixtysomething Gilbert Shilling—an aspiring rock star back in the Swinging Sixties—who, against his family’s wishes, decides to donate one of his lungs in a desperate bid to save the life of a dying boy he has never met.

The novel pays tribute to all the courageous individuals who become altruistic living donors—selfless men and women who, while still alive, are willing to donate organs, such as a lung or a kidney, to help save the lives of others.

Against this backdrop, Gilbert’s Gift poses the emotive question:

What would YOU give to save the life of a stranger’s child?

Having given up on his music career long ago, big-hearted Gilbert Shilling is now an ordinary working man leading an ordinary life—just another baby boomer lucky enough to have made it into his sixties in one piece.

Still grieving over the death of his own baby son many years previously, Gilbert is deeply affected when he hears about a 10-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis who desperately needs a double lung transplant. Without the transplant, the child will die within weeks.

Gilbert sees a way of bringing new purpose into his empty existence by volunteering to donate one of his own perfectly healthy lungs to help save the little boy’s life.

Despite warnings that the transplant procedure could hold life-threatening risks for someone of his age, Gilbert insists on going ahead—driven by a determination to help save this little boy after he wasn’t able to save his own son.

With echoes of Nicholas Sparks, Gilbert’s Gift is also a poignant tale about baby boomer love—teenage love in the Swinging Sixties, lost and then found again decades later.

When the tragedy surrounding the lung transplant gains widespread media coverage, it brings Gilbert’s first love back into his life … just when he needs her most. But is she too late?


Gilbert’s Gift is a moving tale which blends a poignant theme with gentle humour. It is available from Amazon as a US paperback, a UK paperback and as an eBook from Amazon’s Kindle Store. It is also available from Apple’s iTunes Store (Books/Fiction & Literature/Brian Will Oliver), Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, and from KoboBooks.

A FREE sample of Gilbert’s Gift can be read HERE (USA) or HERE (UK).

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