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‘Lost’ Beatles recording found after 50 years

October 2, 2015
Photo: Johnnie Hamp

Photo: Johnnie Hamp

A recently re-discovered original recording of The Beatles singing ‘Some Other Guy’ at the legendary Cavern Club in 1962 is to go under the hammer as part of a Rock & Pop Memorabilia auction in Liverpool on 4 November 2015.

The old reel-to-reel tape had been languishing in a desk drawer for more than 50 years.

On 22 August 1962, The Beatles were filmed by a Granada Television crew at The Cavern, performing ‘Some Other Guy’ and ‘Kansas City’ for a TV programme called Know The North. However, the sound quality was so poor that it was unable to be broadcast.

When The Beatles came back to Liverpool after recording ‘Love Me Do’ at Abbey Road Studios in London, Granada TV sound engineer Gordon Butler returned to The Cavern with the band on 5 September 1962, with the intention of obtaining a better quality audio recording to dub over the original film footage. Butler took three microphones – two of which he placed on Lennon and McCartney.

The re-recording of ‘Some Other Guy’ reportedly sounded so good that the band’s manager Brian Epstein asked Butler to make five acetate copies which Epstein intended to use to promote the band.

Butler returned to Granada with the re-recorded tape and gave it to legendary TV producer Johnnie Hamp. But due to legal issues with other acts on the show, the programme was never screened and the tape remained in Hamp’s desk drawer for 50 years. He recently discovered it, and, with the help of Beatles historian Paul Wilde, listened to it on a reel-to-reel tape machine. He found the sound quality was still crystal clear five decades later.

The whereabouts of four of the ‘Some Other Guy’ acetates are unknown, but the fifth was sold at auction in 1993 for £16,000 to Apple Records, the label set up by The Beatles in 1968.

All proceeds from the sale of the tape will be donated to charity.

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The Searchers mark 50th anniversary with ‘Hearts In Their Eyes’ 4CD box set

June 7, 2012

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The Searchers are set to mark their 50th anniversary this year with the release of a 121-track 4CD box set titled Hearts In Their Eyes – Celebrating 50 Years of Harmony ‘n’ Jangle.

Released on June 25, it is the first Searchers collection to feature a complete retrospective of the group’s career. The box set includes all of the classic hits that the group recorded for Pye Records between 1963 and 1967.

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Deluxe editions of classic Small Faces albums from 1965 to 1969

February 19, 2012

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To celebrate the Small Faces’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 14 April 2012, there are plans to release deluxe editions of all four of the classic albums that the short-lived group recorded between 1965 and 1969.

The remastered new editions will  include a 3CD version of the band’s classic psychedelic pop album from 1968, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake.

Universal Music claims the new releases will be “the most complete editions to date of the Small Faces’ four classic albums” and “a testimony to a truly original group whose influence is as great today as it was during its lifetime”.

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Herman’s Hermits’ Peter Noone to tour UK with Solid Silver 60s Tour 2012

February 15, 2012

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Former Herman’s Hermits frontman Peter Noone, 64, is to tour the UK between 3 March and 6 May 2012 as part of this year’s 27th Solid Silver 60s Tour.

Noone, who left Herman’s Hermits in 1971, is expected to perform many of his UK hit singles, including ‘I’m Into Something Good’ (No. 1, 1964), ‘Silhouettes’ (No. 3, 1965) and ‘No Milk Today’ (No. 7, 1966).

California-based ‘Herman’ will headline a strong American bill that includes Brian Hyland and Chris Montez, as well as Brian Poole and Vanity Fare.

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How important are favourite songs from the Sixties in bringing back happy memories to cheer you up in these worrying economic times?

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Classic hit songs and golden oldies from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s ‘speak the language of emotion’, say researchers

November 29, 2011

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Music is sometimes called ‘the language of emotion’ because it has an amazing power to influence people’s emotions and behaviour. It can affect and stimulate many different parts of the brain and body, and can reduce stress, aid relaxation, and alleviate depression.

In fact, scientists have found that a piece of music can become so closely associated with an event from a person’s life that hearing the music again evokes powerful memories of the original experience.

A recent study revealed that the memories triggered by music – such as classic hits and golden oldies from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s – tend to involve relationships with past or present lovers, or experiences with family and friends.

Most significantly, though, the study found a substantial bias towards music evoking memories of happy events that can cheer us up during these worrying economic times.

In 2008, researchers at the University of Leeds conducted a Magical Memory Tour during which they asked people to record their memories of the Beatles in an online survey. The study set out to use people’s autobiographical memories of Beatles songs, albums, movies, concerts, and news events to show how music — particularly the music of the most influential band of the rock ‘n’ roll era — can be used to retrieve memories that have been all but forgotten.

Most people who took part in the survey fell within the 55 to 65 age range, having been teenagers in the 1960s when the Fab Four were still together. The song that cued the most memories among middle-aged people was ‘She Loves You’, while ‘Love Me Do’ cued the most memories among the over-60s.

The researchers found that the memories evoked by the Beatles songs were surprisingly detailed and provided diverse snapshot images of long-forgotten times and places.

For one 57-year-old man, for example, ‘She Loves You’ triggered a memory of the weather on the first night he heard the song at the age of 11; another man remembered lying in the grass at age seven and playing with his toy soldiers as ‘Penny Lane’ played on the radio.

Another interesting finding of the study, say the researchers, was that most retrieved memories occurred during people’s early teenage years. The songs we hear when we’re growing up, it seems, shape the story of our lives.

One definition of ‘memory’ is that it is a mental system that receives, stores, organises and recovers information from sensory input. According to the Leeds University researchers, the results of their Magical Memory Tour study implied that music has a powerful influence on the storage and retrieval of long-term memories in particular.

As Oliver Sacks, the noted British neuroscientist and author, puts it: “Music brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can.”

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ZZ Top recording first new album for eight years

June 5, 2011

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ZZ Top are reportedly recording their first new album since Mescalero in 2003. Plans to record their 15th studio album in 2006 and again in 2008 failed to materialise, but guitarist Billy Gibbons insists the new album will be available “by the end of the year”.

   Gibbons has also confirmed that work has begun on a ZZ Top tribute album, with artists such as Foo Fighters and Nickelback performing the band’s classic hits.

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‘The Dave Clark Five – The Hits’ finally released on CD

October 6, 2008

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Good news for Dave Clark Five fans who haven’t got into downloading music yet. The compilation album The Dave Clark Five – The Hits – which has been available as a download on iTunes since March is finally about to be released on CD.


The 27-track retrospective – which includes the previously unreleased track ‘Universal Love’ and the often overlooked ‘Til The Right One Comes Along’ – will be released as a CD in the UK on October 13, 2008.


The album comes complete with a booklet containing many previously unseen photos of the band.


In 1964, the Dave Clark Five were regarded as the biggest challengers to The Beatles when their single ‘Glad All Over’ knocked the Fab Four’s ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ off the top of the UK charts after a six-week stay at Number One.


The Tottenham quintet were also the first ‘British Invasion’ band after The Beatles to achieve huge success in the United States – including a record 18 appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and six sold-out US tours.


Between 1963 and 1967, The Dave Clark Five had 22 hits in the UK and 24 in America – with memorable singles like ‘Glad All Over’, ‘Bits and Pieces’, ‘Because’, ‘Can’t You See That She’s Mine’ and a remake of Bobby Day’s ‘Over and Over’ – all of which are included on The Dave Clark Five – The Hits.


Full track listing:


1. Do You Love Me

2. Glad All Over

3. Bits And Pieces

4. Can’t You See That’s She’s Mine

5. Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)

6. Don’t Let Me Down

7. Any Way You Want It

8. Wild Weekend

9. Catch Us If You Can

10. Because

11. I Like It Like That

12. Reelin’ And Rockin’

13. Over And Over

14. Come Home

15. You Got What It Takes

16. Try Too Hard

17. Everybody Knows

18. I’ll Be Yours My Love

19. Nineteen Days

20. Look Before You Leap

21. Til The Right One Comes Along

22. All Night Long

23. Good Old Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley

24. Sha Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

25. Here Comes Summer

26. Put A Little Love In Your Heart

27. Universal Love


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