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Pink Floyd album seals its place in history

July 15, 2013

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Pink Floyd’s 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon has sealed its place in history by being added to the US Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry.

It is one of 25 “culturally” or “historically” significant recordings being added to the registry this year.

Other classics being preserved include Chubby Checker’s ‘The Twist’ (1960), Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence (1966), Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (1977), and the 1949 South Pacific cast album.

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Classic hit songs and golden oldies from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s ‘speak the language of emotion’, say researchers

November 29, 2011

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Music is sometimes called ‘the language of emotion’ because it has an amazing power to influence people’s emotions and behaviour. It can affect and stimulate many different parts of the brain and body, and can reduce stress, aid relaxation, and alleviate depression.

In fact, scientists have found that a piece of music can become so closely associated with an event from a person’s life that hearing the music again evokes powerful memories of the original experience.

A recent study revealed that the memories triggered by music – such as classic hits and golden oldies from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s – tend to involve relationships with past or present lovers, or experiences with family and friends.

Most significantly, though, the study found a substantial bias towards music evoking memories of happy events that can cheer us up during these worrying economic times.

In 2008, researchers at the University of Leeds conducted a Magical Memory Tour during which they asked people to record their memories of the Beatles in an online survey. The study set out to use people’s autobiographical memories of Beatles songs, albums, movies, concerts, and news events to show how music — particularly the music of the most influential band of the rock ‘n’ roll era — can be used to retrieve memories that have been all but forgotten.

Most people who took part in the survey fell within the 55 to 65 age range, having been teenagers in the 1960s when the Fab Four were still together. The song that cued the most memories among middle-aged people was ‘She Loves You’, while ‘Love Me Do’ cued the most memories among the over-60s.

The researchers found that the memories evoked by the Beatles songs were surprisingly detailed and provided diverse snapshot images of long-forgotten times and places.

For one 57-year-old man, for example, ‘She Loves You’ triggered a memory of the weather on the first night he heard the song at the age of 11; another man remembered lying in the grass at age seven and playing with his toy soldiers as ‘Penny Lane’ played on the radio.

Another interesting finding of the study, say the researchers, was that most retrieved memories occurred during people’s early teenage years. The songs we hear when we’re growing up, it seems, shape the story of our lives.

One definition of ‘memory’ is that it is a mental system that receives, stores, organises and recovers information from sensory input. According to the Leeds University researchers, the results of their Magical Memory Tour study implied that music has a powerful influence on the storage and retrieval of long-term memories in particular.

As Oliver Sacks, the noted British neuroscientist and author, puts it: “Music brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can.”

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Pink Floyd: Unreleased tracks among massive lineup of reissues this autumn

July 10, 2011

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Pink Floyd are set to reissue re-mastered versions of all their classic studio albums this autumn, along with a wealth of unreleased material, collectors’ box sets, and a new ‘Best Of’ compilation.

   On September 26, Pink Floyd will release specially remastered and repackaged versions of all 14 of their studio albums – from 1967’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to 1994’s The Division Bell. The CDs will be available separately or as a boxed set.


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Kate Bush to release new songs this year

February 5, 2011

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More than five years after her eighth studio album, Aerial, Kate Bush, 52, has confirmed she is currently working on a collection of new songs which may form the basis of a new album to be released by the end of the year.

  However, a spokesman for the singer insisted that no album plans have been finalised. “There’s nothing ready until Kate says it’s ready. That’s always been the way,” he said.

  The last new song released by the ‘Wuthering Heights’ star was ‘Lyra’, written for the soundtrack of the 2007 fantasy-adventure film The Golden Compass. She has not sung in public since the birth of her son, Albert, in 1998.

  She recently won back control of four albums – The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes – which EMI originally released between 1982 and 1993. The albums are now expected to be re-issued later this year.

  Kate Bush was signed by EMI Records as a sixteen-year-old after being recommended by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. In 1978, at the age of 19, she topped the UK Singles chart for four weeks with her debut single ‘Wuthering Heights’ – becoming the first woman to have a UK Number One with a self-written song.

  After her 1979 tour – the only concert tour of her career – she released the 1980 album Never for Ever which made her the first British solo female artist to top the UK album charts … and the first female artist ever to enter the UK album chart at Number One.

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Pink Floyd to reunite for charity?

October 17, 2010

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Pink Floyd may get back together again to play concerts for charity, according to the band’s drummer Nick Mason.

Speaking at the In The City music conference in Manchester, Mason said the band liked the idea of repeating the concept behind the Live 8 concert in London in 2005.

“It could provide a template for something we would do again – something that’s not necessarily for us, but for the right reasons, and enjoy doing it.

“I think it would be a very nice way for a band to gently move towards retirement by doing shows absolutely for charity rather than for more income,” said Mason. He suggested the funds raised could be paid into a specially formed charitable foundation which would then distribute the money to a variety of good causes.

The legendary rock band’s Roger Waters and David Gilmour famously fell out in the 1980s, but another charity concert recently brought the two of them together again for the first time since Live 8. In July, they performed three Pink Floyd classics for the Hoping Foundation, which helps Palestinian children.

David Gilmour is also expected to be a surprise guest during one show on Roger Waters’ forthcoming tour which will feature the band’s classic The Wall in full.

Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright died at the age of 65 in September, 2008 after a short battle with cancer (see Sh-Boom! Magazine – September 16, 2008).

When asked recently about the possibility of the band’s three surviving members reuniting for another charity event, Rogers Waters said: “A one off thing – for some kind of charity event – I could see that happening again. I would be up for it, for sure.”

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Pure launches ‘Marshall amplifier’ DAB digital radio, EVOKE-1S Marshall

August 29, 2010

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Stacks of black Marshall amplifiers have dominated the stage at most rock concerts for nearly 50 years. Even Sixties rock fans who can’t actually remember the Sixties will surely remember The Who’s bassist John Entwistle having to make his Marshall Stack bigger and bigger so he could hear himself over Keith Moon’s drums!

Now, Pure has launched a unique radio which combines the audio features of its popular EVOKE-1S series with the iconic style of Marshall Amplification. It’s a revamp of Pure’s earlier and very successful Marshall-branded Evoke 1xt

The portable digital and FM radio looks like a mini version of the famous amplifier – complete with black vinyl wrap, Marshall carrying handle, brass effect front and authentic Marshall badge.

It has an input for an iPod or MP3 player, an auto-dimming easy-to-read text display, and the ability to pre-set 30 digital or FM radio stations for quick access. A matching S-1 speaker for stereo sound is also available.

And for true rock fans, the volume control even goes up to ‘11’ … a feature inspired by the famous scene from the cult movie This Is Spinal Tap!

The EVOKE-1S Marshall has a suggested retail price of £119.99 and is initially being sold exclusively through specialist music retailer HMV.

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Pink Floyd founder Richard Wright dies at 65

September 16, 2008


Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright has died at the age of 65.


A Pink Floyd spokesman said Wright died at his UK home on Monday, September 15, 2008 after a short battle with cancer.


In a statement, David Gilmour said: “No one can replace Richard Wright. He was my musical partner and my friend. In the welter of arguments about who or what was Pink Floyd, Rick’s enormous input was frequently forgotten.


“He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognised Pink Floyd sound. After all, without ‘Us and Them’ and ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’, both of which he wrote, what would The Dark Side Of The Moon have been? Without his quiet touch the album Wish You Were Here would not quite have worked.


“Like Rick, I don’t find it easy to express my feelings in words, but I loved him and will miss him enormously.”


Destined to become one of the pioneers of synthesizer-based rock, Richard ‘Rick’ Wright met future Pink Floyd members Roger Waters and Nick Mason at college in 1964 when they were studying architecture. He later joined their band Sigma 6 which, in 1965, became The Pink Floyd Sound.


In 1967, Wright appeared on the group’s first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, alongside lead guitarist Syd Barrett, bassist Roger Waters and drummer Nick Mason.


Wright wrote and sang some of the band’s most influential songs – including ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ and ‘Us And Them’ from Pink Floyd’s legendary 1973 album The Dark Side Of The Moon, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and remained in the album chart for a record 14 years.


Although Wright performed as a vocalist on many of the band’s early songs, the self-taught keyboardist later took full advantage of the many instruments he played and concentrated on experimental compositions.


His interest in sonic experimentation and synthesizer-based rock came to the fore on Pink Floyd’s double LP Ummagumma in 1969. One of the albums was live, while the second LP featured solo compositions from each member of the group.


Wright took advantage of his half of a vinyl LP side to compose what he called “real music” – a move that paved the way for the innovative sounds on the band’s masterpiece albums The Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here.


After releasing a solo record in 1978, he quit Pink Floyd in 1981 following a bust-up with Roger Waters. He formed his own band, Zee, but later rejoined Pink Floyd – after Waters had left – in time for their 1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason. After that, he continued performing and recording with Nick Mason and singer and guitarist David Gilmour under the name Pink Floyd.


Wright was reunited with Waters onstage in July 2005 when the members of Pink Floyd set aside their differences to perform at the Live 8 charity concert in London.


Fellow founding member Syd Barrett died of pancreatic cancer in July 2006.

Fender to launch new Stratocaster based on David Gilmour’s famous Pink Floyd ‘Black Strat’

July 27, 2008


Guitar manufacturer Fender has set a September 22 launch date for the long-awaited David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster which is based on the star’s iconic ‘Black Strat’ that helped to create Pink Floyd’s revolutionary sound.


Gilmour bought his original Stratocaster in 1970 and used it on the classic albums The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall.


Fender has reportedly worked very closely with Gilmour and Phil Taylor to make sure that the Signature model is the closest thing to Gilmour’s own much-customised guitar – but “at an affordable price” (although the manufacturer’s suggested retail price has not yet been confirmed).


The Signature Stratocaster – which will not be a limited edition – is said to have the same maple neck, deep black pickguard, shortened tremolo arm and custom electronics as Gilmour’s original.


The launch of the guitar is timed to coincide with the release of David Gilmour‘s three-disc live album Live In Gdansk which was recorded during his 2007 solo world tour. The set includes a live double CD, plus a DVD of the concert.


Purchasers of the Gilmour Signature Stratocaster will find a free copy of Live In Gdansk stuffed into the centre pocket of the black case which comes with the guitar.


The hardback edition of Phil Taylor’s book The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster will also be published on September 22 – with a signed softback copy of the book also to be found inside the guitar case.


According to Fender, the final version of the new Stratocaster was not approved until Gilmour was happy that all of the elements combined to make a sound that was as close as possible to his own guitar.


“I told Fender that it was just an ordinary Strat that I bought,” said Gilmour, “but I must say they’ve done a great job of recreating it.”

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