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Little Richard, Nils Lofgren and Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir star in real-life ‘ER’

October 2, 2008


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Some veteran rockers are starting to pay the price of decades on the road, it seems. In the space of a few days, rock ‘n’ roll icon Little Richard, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and Bruce Springsteen’s longtime sideman Nils Lofgren have all ended up in hospital.


Little Richard, who will be 76 in December, has had to undergo emergency heart treatment after falling ill ahead of a hip replacement operation. A friend reportedly told US magazine National Enquirer that the rock legend – real name Richard Wayne Penniman – has been in poor health for some time and now often has to use a wheelchair.


Meanwhile, Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir – 61 in a couple of weeks – is suffering from broken ribs, after taking a tumble on his tour bus. Weir fell awkwardly when the driver of the band’s famous ‘Deadmobile’ braked suddenly on the way to a post-tour fundraising concert. The show had to be postponed and Weir is said to be in pain when he tries to “breathe, hold the guitar, and laugh”.


At the same time, 57-year-old Nils Lofgren – a long-time member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a former member of Crazy Horse – is currently recovering in hospital after undergoing surgery on both his hips on September 30. The guitarist blames his hip problem on 40 years of touring.


On his web site (, Lofgren states that “a long, beautiful life on the road that’s included back flips with guitars, dive rolls, leaping off drum risers and trying to break stage floors with pounding legs … and thousands of hours playing aggressive basketball” made the operation necessary. However, he plans to be back on his feet for an acoustic solo tour early in 2009.


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