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Paul McCartney talks about writing songs with Michael Jackson

October 14, 2015

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

To pave the way for a remixed, deluxe edition of his classic album Pipes of Peace, Paul McCartney has released a remix of his 1983 hit with Michael Jackson, ‘Say, Say, Say’, which was originally produced by George Martin. The song became Jackson’s seventh Top 10 hit in a year.

In the video below, McCartney talks to Manic Street Preachers’ frontman James Dean Bradfield about what it was like to write songs such as ‘Say, Say, Say’ with Michael Jackson.

McCartney reveals that the song was written quickly, with Jackson and himself face-to-face around a piano in the former Beatle’s London office.

“It came very easily because I was excited to be writing with him and he was excited to write with me,” said McCartney. “We just popped off each other.”

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Queen to release Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson duets

December 13, 2011

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Two previously unheard Queen tracks featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson are set to be released next year, it has been revealed.

The tracks are understood to have been recorded at Michael Jackson’s home studio in the 1980s after he and Freddie became friends. The recordings have reportedly been approved for release by the Jackson estate and will appear under the Queen name.

“Michael used to come and see us when we were on tour in the States,” Queen guitarist Brian May told the Evening Standard. “He and Freddie became close friends, close enough to record a couple of tracks together at Michael’s house – tracks which have never seen the light of day.”

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