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Cliff Richard celebrates 50th anniversary of The Young Ones

December 10, 2011

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Exactly 50 years ago today (10 December 1961), Cliff Richard’s third film, The Young Ones, received a start-studded premiere in London’s West End.

Directed by Sidney J Furie, and written by Peter Myers and Ronald Cass (who also wrote most of the songs), the film tells the story of how Cliff and his friends try to save their youth club from an unscrupulous millionaire property developer (played by Robert Morley).

The film was originally intended to feature The Shadows in major acting roles alongside Cliff, Robert Morley and Carole Gray. But Richard O’Sullivan ended up taking the role intended for Hank Marvin and Melvyn Hayes played the part written for Jet Harris. The Shadows mainly appeared in the film as musicians.

The Young Ones soundtrack album went on to reach No. 1 on the UK album chart, while the title song – written by Sid Tepper and Roy Bennett – also topped the charts as a single.

Other classic Cliff songs featured in the film included ‘Living Doll’, ‘Lessons In Love’ and ‘When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your Heart’. The Shadows also performed a couple of instrumentals – ‘Peace Pipe’ and ‘The Savage’ – and wrote the songs ‘Got A Funny Feeling’ and ‘We Say Yeah’ for the soundtrack.

“When I became a ‘film star’ it was a very exciting time,” Sir Cliff remembers. “Suddenly, when The Shadows and I came onto the set, we’d have our own chairs with our names on the back. We’d have our own dressing rooms – no more sharing.

“If you were late filming on location you had a hotel. You didn’t have to go and find your own digs, which is what we’d been used to in the previous year or two when we were on tour and couldn’t afford hotels. So ‘film stardom’ brought a treatment that was absolutely phenomenal.

“When I look back on it now, I’m so glad we took the attitude of saying let’s just have fun together.”


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