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Led Zeppelin branded as ‘hollow’ by Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards

October 12, 2015

Keith Richards -2012-12-13_2 Photo by SolarScottThe Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has laid into fellow Sixties bands Led Zeppelin and The Who during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

The 71-year-old Stones legend reportedly described Led Zeppelin as “hollow” and said The Who were a “crazy” band and their frontman Roger Daltrey was “all flash”.

Richards revealed he has never been a fan of Led Zeppelin and while he thinks Jimmy Page is a great guitarist he doesn’t like him when he’s performing with the other members of the band.

“I love Jimmy Page,” he told Rolling Stone magazine, “but as a band, no, with John Bonham thundering down the highway in an uncontrolled 18-wheeler … Jimmy is a brilliant player. But I always felt there was something a little hollow about it, you know?”

Meanwhile, Richards also wrote off The Who. “I always thought Roger Daltrey was all flash,” he told Rolling Stone in the same interview. “I love Pete Townshend, but I always thought the Who were a crazy band anyway. You would say to Keith Moon, if you were in a session with him, ‘Just give me a swing,’ and he couldn’t … He was an incredible drummer, but only with Pete Townshend.”

Rolling Stone magazine has credited Keith Richards as the creator of “rock’s greatest single body of riffs” on guitar and ranks him fourth on its list of 100 Best Guitarists. Jimmy Page is ranked third …

(Photo: SolarScott)



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The Who’s Keith Moon biopic delayed

May 2, 2011

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The Who’s Roger Daltrey has confirmed that a film about the late Keith Moon has been delayed because of problems with the script.

Daltrey has spent years working on the film which was due to be released in 2012 under the title: See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked For Your Pleasure. But he now admits the project is in trouble because he can’t find a script that manages to capture the essence of the hell-raising drummer who died in 1978.

Austin Powers star Mike Myers had been tipped to take the title role. 

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Pure launches ‘Marshall amplifier’ DAB digital radio, EVOKE-1S Marshall

August 29, 2010

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Stacks of black Marshall amplifiers have dominated the stage at most rock concerts for nearly 50 years. Even Sixties rock fans who can’t actually remember the Sixties will surely remember The Who’s bassist John Entwistle having to make his Marshall Stack bigger and bigger so he could hear himself over Keith Moon’s drums!

Now, Pure has launched a unique radio which combines the audio features of its popular EVOKE-1S series with the iconic style of Marshall Amplification. It’s a revamp of Pure’s earlier and very successful Marshall-branded Evoke 1xt

The portable digital and FM radio looks like a mini version of the famous amplifier – complete with black vinyl wrap, Marshall carrying handle, brass effect front and authentic Marshall badge.

It has an input for an iPod or MP3 player, an auto-dimming easy-to-read text display, and the ability to pre-set 30 digital or FM radio stations for quick access. A matching S-1 speaker for stereo sound is also available.

And for true rock fans, the volume control even goes up to ‘11’ … a feature inspired by the famous scene from the cult movie This Is Spinal Tap!

The EVOKE-1S Marshall has a suggested retail price of £119.99 and is initially being sold exclusively through specialist music retailer HMV.

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The Who’s famous 1977 Kilburn concert for the film ‘The Kids Are Alright’ finally released on DVD

October 10, 2008


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Fans of The Who are at last being given a chance to see a full-length version of the band’s famous 1977 concert in Kilburn, North London which many Who aficionados regard as Keith Moon’s finest hour and one of the band’s greatest performances.

A film of the legendary event is now being made available on DVD for the first time. It is part of a 2-disc package which will be released in the UK on November 17, 2008.


On December 15, 1977, The Who performed in front of a select invited audience at the Gaumont State Theatre in Kilburn, North London to record a concert for Jeff Stein’s film, The Kids Are Alright. It was one of Keith Moon’s last public appearances with the band before his death in 1978.


Over the years, footage of the show has become a much sought-after “holy grail” for Who fans because only a few glimpses of the concert ended up in the final cut of The Kids Are Alright.


The performance was originally shot in 35mm, but the rare footage – showing drummer Keith Moon in fiery form – has now been digitally restored and remastered in High-Definition and Surround Sound from the original film elements.


The 2-DVD set also includes another never-before-seen rarity: The Who’s landmark live performance at The London Coliseum in 1969 which is said to be one of the band’s personal favorites.


Full tracklisting for Kilburn 1977 (DVD Disc 1)

1. Can’t Explain

2. Substitute

3. Baba O’Reilly

4. My Wife/Going Mobile

5. Behind Blue Eyes

6. Dreaming From The Waist

7. Pinball Wizard

8. I’m Free

9. Tommy’s Holiday Camp

10. Summertime Blues

11. Shakin’ All Over

12. My Generation

13. Join Together

14. Who Are You

15. Won’t Get Fooled Again


Full tracklisting for The Coliseum 1969 (DVD Disc 2)

1. Heaven And Hell

2. Can’t Explain

3. Fortune Teller

4. Tattoo

5. Young Man Blues

6. A Quick One While He’s Away

7. Happy Jack

8. I’m A Boy

9. I’m Free

10. Tommy’s Holiday Camp

11. See Me, Feel Me

12. Summertime Blues

13. Shakin’ All Over

14. My Generation

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