The Who’s Roger Daltrey in danger of permanently losing voice

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The Who’s Roger Daltrey says he is treasuring every minute he can sing because he has been warned he could lose his voice “at any time”.

  The 66-year-old singer underwent surgery to remove a pre-cancerous growth from his throat in December 2009, and he has been working with a throat specialist in the United States to help save his vocal cords.

  Daltrey hopes he will be able to keep singing for many more years, but he has been told his voice could suddenly disappear without warning.

  He first became aware of a problem with his voice shortly after finishing a 30-date tour two years ago. “My voice wasn’t behaving in the normal way,” he told CBS television. “It was becoming hard work to sing.

  “I got depressed after the operation, during what I call the Big Silence,” he said. “That’s when I realised what it would be like to not have a voice.”

  Daltrey revealed he still has to have his throat checked regularly. “It could go bang at any time,” he said. “The time-bomb’s ticking away. But what do you do? I just enjoy every minute I have.”

  At the same time, Pete Townshend’s hearing problems are also threatening The Who’s future.

  After decades of playing and listening to loud music, Townshend suffers from both tinnitus and partial deafness. Last year, the 65-year-old guitarist had to endure a severe recurrence of tinnitus which forced The Who to cancel a number of shows.

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