Pink Floyd to reunite for charity?

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Pink Floyd may get back together again to play concerts for charity, according to the band’s drummer Nick Mason.

Speaking at the In The City music conference in Manchester, Mason said the band liked the idea of repeating the concept behind the Live 8 concert in London in 2005.

“It could provide a template for something we would do again – something that’s not necessarily for us, but for the right reasons, and enjoy doing it.

“I think it would be a very nice way for a band to gently move towards retirement by doing shows absolutely for charity rather than for more income,” said Mason. He suggested the funds raised could be paid into a specially formed charitable foundation which would then distribute the money to a variety of good causes.

The legendary rock band’s Roger Waters and David Gilmour famously fell out in the 1980s, but another charity concert recently brought the two of them together again for the first time since Live 8. In July, they performed three Pink Floyd classics for the Hoping Foundation, which helps Palestinian children.

David Gilmour is also expected to be a surprise guest during one show on Roger Waters’ forthcoming tour which will feature the band’s classic The Wall in full.

Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright died at the age of 65 in September, 2008 after a short battle with cancer (see Sh-Boom! Magazine – September 16, 2008).

When asked recently about the possibility of the band’s three surviving members reuniting for another charity event, Rogers Waters said: “A one off thing – for some kind of charity event – I could see that happening again. I would be up for it, for sure.”

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