Debbie Harry and Blondie to release new album ‘Panic of Girls’ in 2011

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Debbie Harry and her band Blondie have revealed that they plan to release a new album next year. Titled Panic of Girls, it will be Blondie’s ninth studio album and their first collection of new material since The Curse of Blondie in 2003.

According to Blondie drummer Clem Burke, the band has already recorded about 35 new songs in Woodstock, New York – with 14 of the songs expected to make it onto the album. He hints that some of the surplus songs may be released via the Internet.

It’s the first time the band has recorded outside Manhattan since Automamerican, which was produced in Los Angeles in 1980.

“We tried to make the recording process as organic as possible,” says Burke. “We tried to stay away from programming as much as we could because the last album, The Curse of Blondie, had a lot of programming on it. So in the spirit of Woodstock, we just kept going in the studio and playing.”

He says everyone in the band contributed songs, although Debbie Harry – who turned 65 in July – wrote most of the lyrics. The album title, Panic of Girls, is a line from one of her new songs.

Burke says Blondie has been previewing a handful of the new songs during its summer tour dates – including the tracks ‘What I Heard’, ‘The End’ and ‘Mother’.

Debbie Harry admits she’s pleased to have some new songs to perform on stage. “I feel a definite urge to not just do old songs,” she says. “I really want to have a voice in the present, so I’m very happy that this is all going on because we’ve been stuck in a position for a couple of years where we weren’t recording.

“It really is awful having to go out and do the same old songs over and over again, although it’s not completely awful because you get a great response from the audience. They’re happy to hear the songs.”

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