Vote for your favourite Motown hit and help choose tracks for a new ‘Motown 50’ album


Universal Music is mounting an online survey to find out UK music fans’ favourite Motown tracks.


The 50 most popular songs will be included on Motown 50 – a special 50th Anniversary compilation CD – which will be released in the UK on December 1, 2008.


Sh-Boom! readers can try to get their favourite Motown songs onto the Motown 50 album by visiting: – a special site set up by online polling community Poll the People.


You’ll be able to select your five favourite Motown songs from the database and place your vote.


Universal plans to release similar local versions of the compilation album in other countries, claiming this consumer-generated content approach is designed to “reflect each country’s favourite songs and celebrate the enduring popularity of Motown across the planet.”


Motown will celebrate its half-century on 12 January, 2009. Universal says celebrations are being lined up throughout the whole of next year under the banner: Motown 50 – Today, Tomorrow, Forever.


Berry Gordy Jr. founded the label as Tamla Records on January 12, 1959, with a loan of $800 from his family. The company was incorporated as Motown Record Corporation in 1960.


Vocal group The Matadors were the first act to be signed to Tamla by Gordy. They went on to find fame after changing their name to The Miracles.


By the mid-1960s, the groundbreaking Motown Sound had spread worldwide. And the label’s distinctive sound still resonates today – 180 Number 1 singles later – with Motown hits continuing to appear in TV commercials, TV shows and movies.


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