Sir Cliff Richard slams sound quality of downloads


While more and more over-50s are starting to get the hang of downloading music tracks from online retailers such as iTunes, Sir Cliff Richard says he’ll never be one of them.


He complains that the sound quality of downloaded music is inferior to the “unbeatable” sound from CDs.


It’s very hard to beat a CD,” he told the BBC News website. “I like putting six CDs in the machine and playing them for two or three days.”


The 67-year-old pop legend also revealed that his favourite format is the 12″ vinyl album because, he said, you can read the sleeve “without getting a magnifying glass.”


Sir Cliff is hoping to top the UK singles chart again this weekend with his latest single ‘Thank You For a Lifetime’. If he manages to reach the top spot, it will be his fifteenth Number One.


Most significantly, though, he’ll become the first artist ever to score Number One hits across six decades.


However, Sir Cliff admitted that achieving a Number One hit in 2008 “did not have the same cachet” as topping the chart with ‘Living Doll’ in 1959 – at the start of his career.


“In those days, when you released a single, it was potentially a million-seller,” he told the BBC. “That’s completely out of the question now, because people just don’t buy singles.”


Many of Sir Cliff’s loyal fans are still buying singles though. Some are reportedly buying up hundreds of copies of his new CD single in an attempt to make sure it gets to Number One.


Even if Sir Cliff fails to top the charts again, it’s unlikely that his existing landmark achievement – scoring number one hits across five decades – will be beaten by any other artist. After all, these days many artists don’t even last five years, let alone five decades.


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