The Who’s Roger Daltrey slams growing ageism in the UK


The Who’s Roger Daltrey – who famously sang “I hope I die before I get old” in the 1965 hit ‘My Generation’ – promises to lead his generation of over-60s in the war on ageism in the UK.


The veteran rocker will reach the UK’s official retirement age of 65 next March. But seeing elderly people being forced into retirement before they’ve had the chance to pass on their life skills makes him furious, he says.


“It’s criminal that people are being retired before they are ready to go,” said Daltrey. “Many have so much to give but they never get the chance.”


Daltrey has also been working with other British performers to persuade the UK government to extend the protection of copyright in sound recordings beyond the current 50 years to 95 years. Many veteran ‘non-superstar’ artists, session musicians and singers rely on this income. Daltrey blames the government’s reluctance on “elitist ageists”.


“Most musicians receive small amounts of performance royalties and this in later life can make the difference between independence and relying on the State,” he said.


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