Ozzy Osbourne to quit after two more albums


With his 60th birthday only four months away, Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he intends to record two more albums – with each album supported by a tour – then he’ll draw the curtain on his colourful music career.


But, in typical Ozzy fashion, the former Black Sabbath frontman can’t actually put a date on his impending ‘retirement’. He admits it may take him some time to record the final two albums because he hasn’t fathomed out how to use the music software that came with his new home studio equipment.


He reportedly told USA Today: “I’m recording another album soon. I’ve got a ProTools machine downstairs in my house, I record from home now. But I can’t turn the f***ing thing on.


“But when you have somebody who knows what they’re doing,” he said, “it’s so easy to make records now. The art of making records is somewhat diminishing. It’s taking the passion out of it. But I’ll try to give it as much real me as I can.”


He told USA Today that he wants to make two more albums: “I’ll make one and go out [on tour] on that one, then I’ll make another one and go out on that. Time is very valuable to me now. I’m 60 this December. It doesn’t seem ten years since I was 50, it really doesn’t. My mission now is to do as much as I can.”


Despite not knowing how to use a computer, Ozzy recently became the latest rock star to appear in Activision’s video game Guitar Hero.


And in November 2008, he’ll receive the prestigious ‘Living Legend’ accolade at this year’s Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards. The induction ceremony will take place at a gala event at London’s Park Lane Hotel on November 2 …


… The perfect warm-up gig for Ozzy’s 60th birthday party on December 3.


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