Iggy Pop at 61: “Tai Chi keeps me fit”


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Punk pioneer Iggy Pop has revealed the secret behind his lean and fit physique at the age of 61 – Tai Chi Chuan, the movement-based form of meditation which is well known for its general health and stress management benefits.


The veteran Stooges frontman reportedly discovered the internal Chinese martial art through a tai chi master in New York twenty years ago. He now practises it on a regular basis.


“I saw footage of Chinese people doing that slow motion stuff in the park and I thought, that looks like a nice maturity direction for me,” he told the New York Post.


Pop – real name James Newell Osterberg, Jr. – says tai chi helps him stay fit and capable of crowd-surfing well into his sixties, despite years of drug abuse and injuring himself during live shows when he was younger.


These days Miami-based Pop is drug-free, with a regular workout regime. “To feel good when I was 21, all I had to do was to smoke a joint,” he once observed. “Now I have to turn off my phones and do tai chi for an hour.”


He says: “I do everything my mom used to tell me to do; I’m just 50 years too late.”


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