Jimmy Page’s double-neck Gibson named ‘coolest guitar in rock’

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Jimmy Page’s famous ‘double neck’ Gibson has been named the “coolest guitar in rock” in a new survey conducted by musicians’ web site Gigwise.com.


The 18-string Gibson EDS-1275 famously allowed Jimmy Page to perform the Led Zeppelin epic ‘Stairway To Heaven’ live without having to change guitars in the middle of the song.


Page’s ‘double neck’ Gibson came top of a list that included 30 of the most stylish, iconic and weird guitars in classic rock history – including Bo Diddley’s unique rectangular guitar built by Gretsch, Paul McCartney’s left-handed Hofner ‘violin’ bass, Eddie Van Halen’s Fender ‘Frankenstrat’, Gene Simmons’ axe-shaped bass guitar, Prince’s Symbol guitar, and Noel Gallagher’s Union Jack ‘Britpop’ guitar.


Jimmy Page also used the weighty instrument for live performances of other Led Zeppelin classics such as ‘The Rain Song’, ‘Gallows Pole’ and ‘The Song Remains the Same’.


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