The Beatles’ Let It Be may never be released on DVD


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have allegedly blocked plans to release The Beatles’ 1970 film Let It Be on DVD because they don’t want to revive “old issues” about the darker side of the legendary band’s story.


A source reportedly told the Daily Express: “There has been talk of Let It Be finally being released on DVD, but there has now been a change of heart. Neither Paul nor Ringo would feel comfortable publicising a film showing The Beatles getting on each other’s nerves.”


The documentary was originally intended to show The Beatles at work in the studio in January 1969, rehearsing and recording songs for their album Let It Be, and eventually performing a live concert. Instead, the film only served to illustrate the extreme tensions between the Fab Four as the band edged closer to breaking up.


Created from hundreds of hours of raw footage, Let It Be famously included scenes showing McCartney and George Harrison bickering over the latter’s guitar-playing, and John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono looking increasingly disinterested.


Let It Be premiered at the Liverpool Gaumont on May 20, 1970 and went on to win an Oscar for ‘Best Music, Original Song Score’. It also won a Grammy for ‘Best Original Score’. However, none of the four Beatles attended either the film’s premiere or the Oscar Awards ceremony.


Although the film was shown widely in cinemas in the early 1970s – and was released on VHS in the 1980s – it has been out of circulation for more than 20 years.


In a February 2007 interview with Fox News, the late Neil Aspinall – who was chief executive of The Beatles’ Apple Corps. for nearly 40 years – indicated that remastering the film for DVD release was proving to be a painful experience.


“The film was so controversial when it first came out,” he said. “When we got halfway through restoring it, we looked at the outtakes and realised: this stuff is still controversial. It raised a lot of old issues.”


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