Terry Wogan still UK’s top morning radio DJ


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BBC Radio 2’s Wake up to Wogan is still the most popular breakfast radio show in the UK, according to the latest figures from radio industry body Rajar.


Radio 2 also remains the UK’s most popular station, with 13 million listeners.


Wake up to Wogan – which has been running since January 1993 – had 7.75 million listeners tuning in each week between March 24 and June 22, 2008, according to Rajar. The figures were slightly down from last quarter’s record audience of 8.1 million.


With his radio show perceived to attract older listeners, Wogan jokingly refers to his fans as TOGs – standing for ‘Terry’s Old Geezers’ or ‘Terry’s Old Gals’. The show is also listened to by ‘Terry’s Young Geezers’ and ‘Terry’s Young Gals’ (known as TYGs) who are forced to listen, says Wogan, because their parents insist on tuning in to Radio 2.


The Rajar figures showed a slight fall in Radio 1’s listening audience – down from 10.87 million listeners per week in 2007 to 10.68 million during the survey period. The figures also showed that BBC 6 Music has continued to increase its audience. It now attracts some 551,000 listeners.


Rajar also revealed that more people aged 15 and over are now listening to radio via their mobile phones. The figure has risen to 12.2% from 8.9% this time last year.


The Rajar figures are compiled on behalf of both the BBC and UK commercial radio stations.


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