Former Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm records Christian rock album


Former Foreigner lead vocalist Lou Gramm is set to release his first Christian rock album later this year.


Gramm, who has been a Born Again Christian since the early 1990s, told US music industry magazine Billboard that the as-yet-untitled album “rocks from one end to the next – that kind of attitude but with a different subject matter.”


The album features brothers Ben, Richard and Don Mancuso from Gramm’s pre-Foreigner blues-rock band, Black Sheep.


Gramm – who left Foreigner for a second time in 2003 – said his recovery from a benign brain tumour in the late 1990s had given him the inspiration for many of the album’s faith-based songs.


But Gramm admits that his change of direction is receiving a mixed reaction from Foreigner fans and fans of his previous solo work. However, he insists that his creative approach hasn’t changed just because his new offering is a Christian rock album.


“It really just means that a lot of the subject matter changes,” he told Billboard. “A lot more thought goes into the lyrics and not a ton of songs about popping that girl after the show.”


Gramm and his band will be touring the US this summer, including selected dates with rock legends Boston. But they won’t be playing any of the new songs until the Christian album is released. Fans will be pleased to hear that Gramm intends to keep performing many of Foreigner’s hits “for the time being”.


As powerhouse lead vocalist and songwriter with Foreigner, Lou Gramm exploded onto the international music scene with the chart topper ‘Feels Like The First Time’ in 1977.


Says Gramm: “I was the lead vocalist for Foreigner for 26 years. I’m enormously proud of this – and the music I have made with Foreigner is still a big part of my solo shows. However, with my new band I can also perform my own music and the hit records I have had as a solo artist. I even throw a few curve balls, such as my take on a Beatles classic like ‘You Can’t Do That’.

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